Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Site

So I moved recently.  That's right, after a month of being in and out of lodges in Gabs and vacation, I finally got my new site.  I have been there since Monday, and it is going alright so far.  Not too much to report, just some meetings with people to figure out a work plan.  I am going to hit the ground running as best I can.  The important thing though, is I now have a new address.  If you need to reach me you can at:

Adam Hii
Gamodubu Primary School
PO Box 1155

That is really all I needed to say now now, so talk to you all soon!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A long long time ago...

In a place in my life far far away...I had a blog that I was regularly updated.  Well, that came to a crashing halt.  So let's recap my life in a whirlwind attempt to catch up in 2 categories: the good and the bad.

The good:

Work good:  School garden is finally up and running!  The PACT club at Kaudwane increased in size from 15-35 kids for the coming year.  And I had a bunch of new recruits for the ladies' soccer team.

Travel good:  Namibia was amazing!!!!  I went over New Years and had a blast.  Ate some awesome food, quad biked in the sand dunes, went sand boarding, did a kayaking trip where I got to play with seals, and bought some really cool stuff.  All in all I had an awesome time.

Personal good:  I started to look at my list of graduate schools.  I finished my 163rd book since arriving here.  And...that is about all I can think of right now.

The bad:

Ok.  So full disclaimer.  I have always tried my best on this blog to show as accurate of a PC experience as I can.  That means that not all days will be gems.  I won't always be in a good mood, or feel like I am saving the world.  In fact, a lot of days can just plain suck, just like anywhere else.  And when that happens we tend to dwell more on the good than the bad.  Well, that has been my mood lately.  Despite that, I am going to try my best to limit the bad to be around the same length as the "good" list, just for...well because it is my blog and that is what I want.

Work bad:  All my progress at my old site is now down the tube.  Due to robberies (see personal bad) I won't be returning to that site.  As such I will have to start over at a new school, which has possibilities, but will definitely be a challenge.  Still going to give it my all though.

Travel bad:  I have no pictures from Namibia since my camera got stolen.  Also, while I had a lot of fun I am now broke for the next month when I get some reimbursements from PC that are in the pipe line.

Personal bad:  Well, if you have not heard by now, my house was broken into several times.  I have lost a lot of things, and due to security concerns I am moving sites.  So I will be in the village of Gamodubu (right between Gabs and Moleps).  So I will be closer to things, but I will be starting over.  We will see how it works out, but it feels like a mixed bag going into it.

And with that I think I will actually wrap up this blog.  It wasn't long, and it feels like I did not say a lot for what all has happened.  But I am just not in a chatty mood at the moment.  And I really just wanted to do this while I have internet before heading to Gamodubu tomorrow.  I will post a new address once I have it.