Tuesday, June 7, 2011

100 days till departure

Dumelang borra le bomma,

I decided after receiving the invitation to serve in the Peace Corps as part of Bots 11 that I would have to blog about this experience so that way I can keep in touch with all my family and friends in the US.  Considering that today officially marks the last 100 days I have in the states I thought this would be a good a time as any to start this off.  As such, don't expect too much activity out of this blog as of yet (it will mostly be preparation stuff at this point).

Right now I have been busying myself with trying to learn a few things in Setswana, and it is coming along thanks to the help of the Peace Corps provided language lessons and the Eurotalk program my brother got me for graduation.  I've also been reading the McCall Smith books that are set in Botswana (The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Series) and have finished 4 of them at this point.  So far though I think my favorite part of the preparations has been meeting my fellow volunteers.  We have started to get to know each other a bit through a Google Group, FB group, and a series of conference calls where we also practice a little Setswana.  From the FB group I learned that there are 34 people in Bots 11.  24 are Life Skills Volunteers, 6 Community Capacity Builders (CCBs), and 4 District Community Liaisons (DCLs).  My official job title is School and Community Liaison for Life Skills.

Other than that working on a packing list and a reading list.  So quick question, what books should I buy for the Kindle that I plan on getting?

Ke tla go bona,



  1. YAY, Congrats on starting your blog. Your a great writer. I can't wait to meet everyone at staging :D


  2. Thanks Finda, I enjoyed reading all the posts in yours too! And I can't wait to meet people either.