Monday, September 12, 2011

44.5 hours left

Well here is my first post this month and the last post I will make from this side of the Atlantic.  I am in the middle of my final preparations for leaving.  Which include waiting for some laundry to get done, and absolutely nothing.  I have decided to spend my last day before orientation just relaxing.  Oh, and having the ultimate nerd-off is Erika.  :)

I have been packed for weeks since I came to stay with my dad for the past couple weeks before leaving so that was one care I did not have to worry about.  And all in all I have not been nervous about this at all.  Maybe it will hit once I get on the plane, but as of right now I am very calm about the idea of spending the next two years in Botswana.  Much calmer than I was about spending 3 months in Spain.

So tomorrow morning I fly out for orientation where I will finally get to meet all the other members of the Bots 11 group face to face.  And then on Wednesday we get bused to JFK and then off to Africa.  In case anyone hasn't gotten it yet, here is my address during the two month training (with a permanent address to follow later).  PCT Adam Hii, c/o Peace Corps Botswana, Private Bag 00243, Gaborone, Botswana.

See everyone in a few years (minus the Bots 11 group who I can't wait to meet tomorrow)!  And the next time this is updated I will finally be in Botswana!!!!

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