Sunday, January 29, 2012


Howdy again ya’ll! 

Thought that since I have access to internet this week I might as well just update this one more time for the end of IST.  And I realized that I forgot a little bit to include in my last post.  So let’s do the Time Warp (insert Rocky Horror joke here) and head back a couple weeks.

So the week before IST we had a bit of a shortage at sight.  A teacher shortage.  We are still waiting as far as I know for two temporary teachers to be assigned by the government.  And two weeks ago the school head, Senior Teacher Guidance/Standard 1 Teacher/My counterpart, and one of the two Standard 7 teachers went to a week-long training.  So back in Kaudwane we had 6 teachers and me.  We are supposed to have ten teachers since three of the Standards (1, 2, and 7) are big classes.  So with only 7 of us total we each took one of the Standards for the week.  So I taught Standard 5 all week.  In nearly every subject (barring CAPA and Setswana).  I even taught have a lesson of Religious and Moral education.  But I focused with them mostly on Math, Science, Social Studies, English, and Agriculture. 

And I must say, you learn a lot about classroom management when you are thrust into a situation when you are teaching students who have English as a 4th language.  Eish!  But all in all I did survive the week, despite it being the most hectic of my life.  Because in addition to teaching Standard 5 I also started my first Life Skills lessons with every class.  So I also had to run around to 6 other classes during the week doing half-hour lessons.  And I still don’t know if we have a Standard 5 teacher yet.  I hope we do. 

But anyway, for IST.  It has been a bit of a hassle overall.  I did get to see everyone, and had a great time, but I am frustrated that I had to miss a week of work when it was just starting to pick up.  But at least I am getting my rent money on Tuesday, along with my Youth Forum reimbursement.  And they just announced that the Ministry of Education is now asking us to go to a 2 week long training for just the Life Skills volunteers starting the last week of Feb.  And we have Peace Corps regional in between.  So now I feel like I am hardly spending any time a site, which is agitating.  But you have to be flexible I suppose. 

Anyway, short one, but I wanted to abuse the internet while I had it.

P.S. Sorry to Tracy for breaking your foot the first day of IST.

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