Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Update, with an interactive game!

I’m going to kick off this blog with a game.  Let’s see who is successful.  The game is “Count the animal references.”  I have a funny animal story to kick off this blog, so I will talk about the rest of it in terms of animal references just for thematic fun.  Also, since this is going to be doing a more just general update on what I have been doing and am going to do, I thought I would at least make it more interesting.

First my chicken story (this is the only one I will give away, the rest you are on your own to find).  I came into Gabs today due to some meetings starting tomorrow and while I planned to hitch from Moleps, the first thing that came by happened to be the bus.  So I regrettably got on it.  I hate busses here. First of all, it was packed.  Like really packed.  It was a fricken cattle car in there.  And somehow I ended up standing next to this woman holding a rooster.  All in all not that abnormal, I can’t even count the rides I have been in that have chickens in them.  But this rooster was something special.  Something about him held me captivated.  Maybe it was how calm he was.  Maybe it was his tiny eyes, or maybe, just maybe it was when he pecked me in the crotch. 

This past month (actually make that 2-basically ever since Youth Forum in Salajwe) I have felt like a damn snail basically carrying my home on my back.  After getting back from Durban I had 3 days in my village; then I left for a retreat in Maun with the Ministry of Education.  Of course, right after I left my village and reached Moleps the retreat was postponed.  So I hung out in Moleps for the weekend then went back home for about a week and a half.  Following this brief stay at home I then had to move into social butterfly mode by going to Bots 12’s IST for a week.  And without even a brief stop at home I was off to Werda to help with a day camp for boys and girls.  The event went well, except for the jackass moment I had when I was showing the strength of condoms and broke it pulling it over my hand.  Then it was back home for just 5 days. 

Currently, I am in Gabs to attend a meeting with the Ministry of Education.  What started as a 3 day retreat in Maun for some R&R somehow morphed into a 2 day event of meetings in Gabs.  Needless to say my mindset going into this isn’t the best.  In fact, my latest horoscope (Cancer the crab for those that didn’t know) says, “You can't believe everything you hear -- and right now, you feel like you can't believe anything at all! Your suspicions are easily aroused, but you need to temper them with respect and trust.”  Might be the first time a horoscope might actually be right for me.

Following this I get to go home again for about 8 days.  And then party time for our one year anniversary!  One week after that I will be at Bots 13’s PST for Diversity Day.  The week after that school closes for a week for midterm break and I will be going to PST again for one day, then hiking the trails of Lesotho for a few days like a mountain goat.  3 days after I get back from that we have a meeting in Gabs for PSDN to work on selecting our new members.  And then two weeks after that I have to go to PST for the 3rd, and last time, for an entire week.  And then it is November.  So from now till November I am basically running around like a chicken with its head cut off. 

And with that I think I have given people a decent general update on what I am doing.  During my time at home I am still chugging along with Life Skill classes, girls, and now boys too, soccer and various clubs.  Plus I now have an active teacher to help with the garden!  Which if that gets off the ground I can maybe get some more rabbit food. 

Also, while a touch premature, happy one year anniversary Bots 11!  On the 15th we will have officially been here for a year!

And finally, I have a surprise coming soon, one I hope to reveal on my next blog post.  And while some of you know this surprise already, don’t spoil it for those that don’t!


  1. Animals: Chicken x2, Cattle?, Snail, Butterfly, Jackass (donkey), Crab, Goat, and Rabbit. Did I miss any? :) Also, I am SUPER EXCITED to find out what this surprise is!!!

  2. You did not miss any. Some have been counting each mention of the word chicken in my starting story, but I really was just thinking of it as one myself. And you will find out the surprise soon.