Monday, October 29, 2012

By the number-a busy month

It has been a really busy month for work for me.  Hence why the blog is pretty far behind at the moment.  And next month is not looking any better.  But here is a quick update of how things went this past month, and what I have coming up.  

8-days I have spent (including right now) at the training for the new group of PCVs in Kanye.  

1-extra meeting I have had in Gabs in October.

12-lessons I have taught at school in the past few weeks.

3-New plots we have made in the school garden

9-The new total number of plots

3-school parties for end of year for standard 7 and sports contests

36-new standard 1 pupils for next year

4-weeks left of the school year till January

2-new staff members we have gotten in the past 2 weeks

1-leopard I learned broke out of Khutse and is nearby in the wild (in related news I have decided to stop doing my long run where I leave the village and just sticking inside it from now on).

1-house guest (John O. came for my chief's wedding on Saturday)

30+-number of card games I played with John on Saturday (between cribbage, spades, speed, gin)

50000-the number of words I am writing next month.  This is the big announcement.  I am doing National Novel Writing Month.  Several other PCVs are going to do it too.  It starts on November 1st.  So I will be just word vomiting on a topic I still have not picked, with characters I need to map out.  If it turns out to be readable I will post pieces I like on the blog.  But that also means the general blogging will be down for much of November unless something really interesting happens.

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